Open Doors BCEAS is a registered Non-Profit under

the British Columbia Societies ACT

Open Doors Mini Doc

Open Doors Mini-Docs is our way of bringing attention to the many intersectional issues that individuals with dyslexia, ADHD, and other learning disabilities have to face. This will be the Open Doors way of sharing people's fascinating stories, interesting perspectives and new ideas. Open Doors Mini Docs will post clips on Youtube of series or interviews that will hopefully aid in the fight of de-stigmatizing learning disabilities.   

4 Main Goals:


To spread awareness about learning disabilities,  education topics, and innovative resources. 

Open Mindedness

Encourage audiences of all ages to have an open mind.  


Show individuals who have persevered with their learning disability  and unconventional path to their current point. 


Teach educational experts new perspectives on how to help accommodate individuals with or without a learning disability.  

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